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Silver-haired Silva Foxx, who’s 62 years old, had her wildest sexual experience (outside of, of course) on a motorcycle. “I was driving my Kawasaki 500 with a short skirt and no pants,” she said, “and he was doing me from behind.” Here, Silva gets done every which way by a 23-year-old stud who’s been doing some housework for her. When Silva first visited our studio to break her porno cherry, we asked her if she’d ever had sex with a much-younger man, and she said, “No, but it’s not too late to start now!” So, since we made her acquaintance, we’ve been pairing her up with lots of younger mates although none as young as this mate. Did he have fun her pussy? You bet he did! The proof is in the cum shot. Silva isn’t a swinger but she sometimes picks up fellas in bars. That is okay with her significant other (she is engaged). She was a nudist when she lived in California but not anymore. As you know, she was sent our way by another 60Plus COUGAR, Leah L’Amour, which goes to show you that Leah has a good eye for sexy kittens. Silva is into babez. She’s had sex with Leah and a lot of other hotties. But here, her focus is on the ramrod. She knows what she’s doing.

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