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“My wildest swinging experience was at a nude pool party,” said 52-year-old wife and mature bitch Chick Morgan. “Everyone removed their lingerie the moment they entered the private party area. I was getting a lot of attention and became involved in a three-way with two other guys. I felt worshiped as their arms and lips were all over my body, and I enjoyed pleasuring two dicks at once.” Here, Babe shows her skills with one penis, but it’s a big one, a lot bigger than either of these two she handled at the pool party. In this scene, Chick is a realtor. She isn’t dressed in the sexy/hooker style that so many Miami realtors prefer. Instead, she’s wearing a respectable blouse and panties. But, here, it is what’s underneath that counts. As Carlos finds out, much to his surprise and enjoyment, Kitten is wearing a bustier, sexy pants and fishnet nylon stockings. “I have so much more to show you,” Girl says. So much more includes her very worthy arse. When Carlos slaps her butt, the sound echoes through the empty apartment. Gal sucks his dick and copulates Carlos every which way. She is spread on the couch, getting scored in the missionary position, when Carlos realizes he can not hold back any longer, so Girl gets on her knees and jacks his cum into her mouth. These realtors…they’re all the same. Fortunately. Girl is from Arizona. She was sent our way by Leah L’Amour. She became a swinger four years ago. Her favorite types of dates are lifestyle meet and greets. That means hanging out with strangers that she may fuck soon. Basically, Kitten doesn’t need to know you very well to wanna fuck you. A minute or two will do.

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