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There’s an odd fellow who makes strange, extraordinary devices out of motors, crankshafts, vibrators and dildos, like something from a David Cronenberg movie (Dead Ringers, Videodrome). He calls his enterprise “Ken’s Twisted Mind.” One of his nefarious machines has found its way into Linsey’s lab and she’s not shy about wanting to strap it on or take the credit for inventing it. “The Fuck Machine!,” LDM triumphantly calls it. “I get nailed by my invention,” Linsey announces. The mind boggles. “All I need now is to get naked.” Linsey warms up with a striptease, thankfully removing her corpulent lingerie. Then she wets the veiny rubber rod with her mouth before turning it on. Noisy bugger, that thing is. It sounds like a broken water pump. Playing with the controller, Linsey can vary the motor from slow to ramming speed. It fucks her noogies, then she massages her clitty with it. Linsey has to take it slow with this mechanical monster. Her tight wet crack can not handle too much of it too fast inside of her. One thing is for certain. This robotic dick can’t replace a real pecker for Linsey. (Robocock courtesy

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