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Seducing, blonde 44-year-old Oksana Monet, a wife and old bitch, is giving Peter a Russian lesson. He’s not doing very well. Basically, the beau sucks at Russian. “You know, honestly, Oksana, I needed this really bad,” he told. “I’m going to college and I needed to learn Russian, but there’s absolutely no way I am going to learn this. There’s totally no way my tongue can move like that.” He is willing to cancel her tutoring. She needs the job. She’s going to help him another way. She is gonna show him another way to move his tongue. “I know some other techniques,” she told. Techniques? “Do you want me to buy a different book?” he asks. No book. Just Oksana taking off her jacket and showing him the sexy bra she’s wearing. Then sitting on a table and spreading her stocking-clad legs. Then taking down her top and telling him the Russian word for mangos. Then telling him the Russian word for vagina. Show ‘n’ tell. Works every time. The lesson ends when Oksana begins sucking his penis. What is the Russian word for lip service? What are the Russian words for fucking cunt? What are the Russian words for, “You’d better cum on my face before your father gets home”?

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