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“I’m so sex addicted,” 43-year-old Samantha Ray told as she rubs herself all over. “I’m all by myself. I wish I had a big, hard pole. It would feel so worthwhile. I just need one right this time.” She turns around and shows us her booty. “You like my booty?” she asks. “Ooooh, you want to lick it? You like that huge arse? That big, dripping ass?” “Big ass”? “Big, slick ass”? We definitely like that! Once upon a time, if you says a woman she had a huge butt, she’d slap you upside your face. You know, “Does this costume make my booty look too enormous?” the question all men dreaded? Those days are gone, and it is fine to see a woman like Samantha Ray who’s justifiably proud of her enormous, smooth arse. “What a sexy outfit,” Samantha Ray’s stud tells her. By sexy, he means that the G-string she’s wearing doesn’t cover her butthole. And then the action starts, and Samantha Ray is a hot, sex addicted performer, much hotter than you’d ever expect from a first-timer… and a woman who has been married to the same boyfriend for 23 years… and a PTA grandmother… and a woman who spends a lot of her time on the sidelines cheering on her men at sporting events. A soccer old whore. That’s what she’s. We’d say we drilled.

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