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When we asked 61-year-old Robin Pachino, “What’s the best way for a guy to get on your nice side?” she answered, “Latte, dark chocolate, walking hand in hand.” Did she mean walking hand-in-hand with a chocolate stud? Maybe. Maybe not. Here, Robin gets plenty of chocolate: a huge, swarthy prick to bop and fuck. Weenie, who’s 33 years old and young enough to be her son, supplies the chocolate. He also supplies the cream, which Robin opens vast for and swallows. With this video, Robin becomes one of the few babez who has fucked for, and That means she’s getting better and sexier with age. When the scene opens, this divorced MILF is wearing sexy clothes and stockings and standing by the window, watching Dong work in the backyard. She decides to bring him some water, and she doesn’t change out of her clothes to do it. That’s the whole point: to get Rod’s BBC! She swallows and bonks it. She gets her legs all the way back so Pecker can weenie her really deep, bottoming out at her wet crack walls. She’s a loud cummer, and the views of her nice snatch getting dicked are gorgeous. Robin told us, “Sex is a great way not to know someone or to know them completely. It depends on how you use it.” Translation: She can fuck a guy just to get laid or she can fuck a guy as a way to get to know him better. We wonder what she had in mind here.

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