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Shangri-la was a mystical town in the novel Lost Horizons. No one ever got old or ill as long as they lived there. What does this going to do with Linsey? Linsey has made her own personal Shangri-la paradise and she shares it and shares her super-sexy body in this special video shown for the first time ever on LinseysWorld. As Linsey showers naked wearing high heels, in her puzzle garden of Eden, she talks about her sexual needs and desires. This shower even has a mirror. Her goal in this video was to drive you completely out of your mind and she’ll probably succeed, especially when she told to take your ramrod out and jerk off for her. No one says the word “tits” the way Linsey told melons. Linsey does what you suspect most kittens do with their showerheads! And there’s more when LDM finishes her shower and retreats to a swinging hammock for some relax and relaxation in her little hide-away. An invitation you can not refuse!

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