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“Romance is sexy along with manners,” said Bella Dea, a 54-year-old super-MILF from Southern California. She has blond hair, enormous yabbos and a smokin’ body. Here, that body is dressed up in a fishnet top, nylon stockings, a garter belt and heels. Basically, Bella is dressed to fuck. But how about romance and manners? Is Jax romantic in this scene? Not exactly. He can not keep his palms off her tits. Does he mind his manners? Well, this isn’t a time to mind your manners. This is a time to grope Bella’s rack and ask her to get on her knees. Which she does. And then she sucks his massive, swarthy cock. Bella, who’s quite a sexual athlete, sucks and copulates him every which way. Jax cums on her face, but Bella wants more. More cum…and she opens her mouth so Jax can drain his nutsac down her throat, then she gives a head the relax of his cum off the head. Bella cleans up after herself. That’s admirable manners, right? Bella told us she has “two lovely daughters in college.” Bella’s lovely, too. Maybe her daughters will grow up to be just like their old whore. One can only hope. “I have a intimate toy box,” Bella said when we asked her if she masturbates. She wouldn’t tell us if she is a swinger. A woman has to have her secrets, you know. It adds to her air of puzzle. Although there’s nothing mysterious about Bella in this scene. She fonds to fuck and it shows.

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