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When Dani Dare first visited our studio in 2008, she listed her profession as office assistant/porn star wannabe. Well, Dani has made her dreams come true. She’s no longer an office assistant. She is a porn star. And, 10 years later, she’s 50 years old and looking, dare we say, better than ever. What a body on this woman! “Thank you,” said Dani, who has competed in the Miss No Swimsuit competition. We think she looks smoking hot in or out of lingerie. Back in ’08 Dani also says us, “I love to watch porn and play with my favorite toys. My hubby and I love to masturbate together and cum at the same time with the DVD we are watching.” And this time, that DVD they’re watching might be of her. Basically, all of the attributes that make a woman a great pornstar? Dani has ’em, and it’s great to have her back. Here, Dani is renting a room. The young dude she is showing it to is a little nervous because Dani is looking very hot with her abs exposed and her teats poking through her little top. She is very touchy, and she gets even touchier when she finds out that he goes to the same college as her daughter. “So you’re used to much-younger ladies,” Dani told. “Have you ever been with an older woman?” “I’m used to 20-year-old angels,” he says. Dani immediately makes these 20-year-olds look weak by lying on the bed and spreading her legs as broad as she can. She’s wearing pants but not for long as he goes in for a lick. As he is eating her cookie, her nipples are hard and pointing straight at the ceiling. Eating cookie leads to giving head and fucking and the dude cumming in Dani’s mouth. And that’s how a hot-bodied 50-year-old gets it done.

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